giovedì 9 luglio 2009

We're proud of this guy!

Isaac "The Sac" Burleigh è arrivato secondo al Campionato Americano Marathon 2009 categoria Singlespeed.
L'espressione felice nella foto dice molto del suo approccio alle competizioni che ci ha portato a sceglierlo come testimonial di Biciclista.
Ecco la sua mail dopo gara:
"Here in the U S of A the 4th of July is a special day for us, we get a holiday, sit around drink beer, grill, and light of fireworks. This year it also happened to be the day of the National Mountain Bike Marathon Championships. I showed up representing the Los Lobos and Biciclista and managed to get 2nd place!! the race was 80km with 3, 352meters of climbing, and besides riding this amazing course the best part was being to spray people with beer while standing on the Nationals podium!!SUBBAQQUO!!!"

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